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RSS(Really Simple Syndication)

Now you can get the latest news and information delivered directly to you, rather than having to keep checking if there's anything new.

RSS lets you know when your favourite websites from anywhere on the internet have added new content. Typically this might be the latest news and sports headlines and articles. You get them all in one place, as soon as they appear, without having to visit each site every day. The BBC has many RSS news and sports feeds.

RSS newsfeeds are indicated using this standard icon
but these other icons   . opera rss icon may also be used.

What do I do?

Most browsers have a built in RSS facility (see below).

Microsoft Explorer

When you go to a Paraíso web page with an RSS feed, you will see the RSS icon on the toolbar change to orange rss icon. On the Paraíso web page, click on the rss icon and you will see the newsfeed page. On the displayed newsfeed page, click on the to add to your newsfeeds. Easy.

Other browsers

When you go to a Paraíso web page with an RSS feed, you will see an RSS icon in the browser address window. Click on the icon rss icon and the Paraíso feed will be automatically added to your newsfeeds.

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