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webpage updated: Tue 16 Jul 2024
: Simone Zara
Samba Dance Classes
learn samba, have fun ... keep fit

Our samba dance classes are taken by the best teachers in the UK. Accompanied by live drumming for real Rio excitement and inspiration.
- Open to all - Book before entering class
- No membership fees
- Free loyalty classes (see details)
: Simone Zara
Tuesdays @ Camden
7:30pm beginners
7:30pm intermediate
7:30pm advanced

Haverstock School, Chalk Farm
: Simone Zara
Thursdays @ Brixton
8:15pm all levels
Brixton Recreation Centre

Check times here, call 0300 302 0230, or text DANCE to 07447 959194

Book before entering class
£10. Loyalty Discounts will be applied. Under 18 & under 25 concessions available..
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What to wear:
Samba is aerobic, so wear something loose & comfortable. Tshirt, tracksuit or pants, trainers - that sort of thing.
Please take our advice: protect your ears!
The Times
Shoes are not required to take part in this electrifying slice of Brazilian exuberance (which can also be seen on the Paraiso Samba float at the Notting Hill Carnival). Not to be confused with ballroom samba, Henrique da Silva's straight-out-of-Rio brand of movement leads students though a full-on aerobic warm-up before we are all made to form up in orderly lines and weave what appear to be simple steps into sequences which became more tricky while the pounding rhythms of the nine-piece bateria (drum orchestra) grew relentlessly faster. Breathtaking, in at least two senses.
RM 03/08/02