Carnival 2022
webpage updated: Mon 24 Jun 2024

our theme:
20 Years in Paradise - Celebrating Paraiso, celebrating Paradise

For 2022 Paraiso School of Samba will celebrate our 20th birthday. We will reprise our favourite moments from our years sharing samba and Brazilian culture on the streets of London with the support of our brothers and sisters in the wider carnival community and the Arts Council. From Rio to London, one iconic carnival to another! As always but even more importantly after our collective experience of the last two years, our emphasis will be on celebrating life and a renewed respect for the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature's flora, fauna and natural resources that has been a sanctuary and a paradise into which we could escape. This will be reflected in the allegories of our costumes and floats where there will be an even greater emphasis on recycling, reusing and upcycling materials as we all strive to build a cleaner, kinder future for the planet for generations to come.