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Samba is a type of music and dance developed from the musical traditions of African slaves in Brazil and is characterized by emphasis on the second beat.

In Brazil, Samba refers to the form played by the Baterias of the Samba Schools in Rio and São Paulo, and this is the samba played by Paraiso School of Samba.

Samba originated in the north of Brazil and was radically developed in Rio at the turn of the century. There is a rich variety of related rhythms some of them developing in parallel with samba and some of them being derivatives or developments. These are mainly played in other parts of Brazil by groups who are called 'Bandas' and 'Grupos'.

Paraiso School of Samba plays samba as it is played in Rio - our bateria plays with and learns directly from our members who have played since childhood in the most highly regarded baterias of Rio.

In Rio, samba is inseparable from the Carnival and the samba schools which compete in it each year to win the coveted first place. Samba is truly the 'popular art' of the people, and samba schools are important social structures in a world which can be very uncertain if you are not wealthy. They are inclusive and everyone has a place.


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