webpage updated: Mon 24 Jun 2024

Paraíso School of Samba is the only organisation in the UK whose artistic direction is by artists who grew up in the Rio de Janeiro samba community and which closely follows the authentic Brazilian School of Samba structure and objectives, including all its main cultural elements.

Like Brazilian Samba Schools, we play only pure Samba rather than the derivatives usually played in the UK.

We focus on:
- percussion
- music
- dance
- carnival & costume design
- costume & float construction

We carry out the following activities:
- Dance and Bateria (Percussion) workshops
- Education projects
- Performances
- Paraíso members’ events
- Charity events
- Carnivals & Community events

The continuing involvement of our principal artists with major Rio de Janeiro samba schools ensures that the samba culture we bring to the UK is not only uniquely authentic, but is informed by the latest developments there. It is this authenticity which marks us out in the UK.

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